Gemar’s Playful Touch at EntrainGioco

EntrainGioco: A Board Game Wonderland

“EntrainGioco” the first event in Milan dedicated to board games organized by the International Toy Fair in collaboration with Assogiocattoli. The event took place on November 18-19 at SuperstudioMaxi in Via Moncucco 35, Milan.

ENTRAinGIOCO is a celebration of boxed games in all possible and imaginable forms, featuring as many as 30 Italian and international publishers, and in the company of the true protagonists of the board game.

As usually, the Gemar masters used their expertise to create eye-catching decorations using a variety of techniques. They created the simbols for “Gioco per sempre” that were made using foam board and the decoration for the stand with the themed colours.

One of the highlights of the display was the huge dice which is the symbol of the logo “EntrainGioco”. The event was a showcase for the latest and greatest in board games, lots of boxed, card and role-playing games, including puzzles and brain teasers and family and children’s entertainment, and Gemar was proud to be a part of it.