Gift Balloons Shop

by Yulys Charles

It happened! New Gift Balloons by Yulys Charles shop was opened on November 8 in Chile!

Full address is : Av La montaña 1393, Valle Grande, Local 20, Lampa, 9380000, Region Metropolitana.

In Gift Balloons by Yulys Charles you can buy latex Gemar balloons, foil balloons and accessories for balloon artists. Everything that is needed to make the job easier.

This shop is bigger than the previous one. It’s 240 m2. It is very large, spacious and always looks festive. So now customers could buy more models of Gemar balloons.

Also, there are regular classes and workshops in this store. So you can not just buy what you need but also to learn how to become a professional balloon artist.

Welcome to this new world of balloons!