Globo-Con USA 2022

Gemar Lifting the Moment at Globo-Con California 2022

Gemar assisted Globo-Con 2022 in this incredible event with people from all over the world! At the balloon convention we were together with Gemar Master Vincenzo Musto Gemar Ambassadors Lia Leottau and Luz Paz and freshly announced Gemar Talent Natasha Diaz.

The convention began on September 11, 2022, in the Delta Hotels by Marriott event center where Gemar organized classes, contests, decorations, and entertainment until Thursday September 15, 2022.

At Globo-Con there were a total of 450 delegates and more than 35,000 Gemar balloons were used at the convention.

To prepare the Gemar entrance decorations there was a team of over 15 people helping for 9 hours to bring the “Celebration of Life” theme together. With great energy, Gemar team was dedicated to Lifting the Moment all week at Globo-Con 2022.

The Gemar introduction in Globo-Con was made by Luz Paz and her acclaimed “Level Up” large bouquet technique. The classroom was filled entirely with people eager to learn and have fun with Gemar Ambassador Luz Paz!

The second class of the day was held by Natasha Diaz with “Welcome to the Party” which consisted of a large organic decor where a ladder was needed. Most people fear to do these decorations because of the heights and Natasha explained how to make the decoration happen.

The Globo-Con opening ceremony was a bright and colorful ceremony which began by having the brands make a walkway for all the delegates. When the ceremony came to an end it was time for the Gemar balloon Jam, with over 60 balloon containers filled with different colors, sizes, and shapes. An incredible 2 hours of enjoying and getting to know the product.

The second day was opened by Gemar Master, Vincenzo Musto. This special class was the introduction to Gemar Creator, a software tool for balloon artists to create their designs online and easily share it to their clients.

Vincenzo’s first class at Globo-Con was a creative gender reveal decoration with an interactive part of the decoration that reveals the gender of the baby.

To finalize the second day of classes Lia Leottau took over the Gemar classroom to teach how she makes balloons the center of attention of a Christmas tree. Lia decorated the entire stage with winter-style ornaments that surrounded the Christmas tree.

Day two ended with the “Celebrando la Vida” celebration, a costume party that invited delegates to dress up as “The day of the dead”.

Day three begins with Natasha Diaz’s Jumbo class, teaching delegates how to use technology such as Cameo or Cricut printers to write messages or add details onto your balloon decorations.

Day three ends with Gemar Master Vincenzo Musto’s final class exploring the trending boho theme and new Gemar products! Many delegates witnessed him decorate the large new Gemar Balloon Heart Arch using various techniques to create a Boho-Love decoration.

The final day of Globo-Con began with Luz Paz’s Volume Technique. This technique was created by Luz Paz and it was the first time she taught it at a balloon convention. This class sparked the imagination of many delegates into creating their own versions of the Volume Technique. All decorations were exhibited in the hallway of the final ceremony.

The final class before the final ceremony was Lia Leottau’s Hot Air Balloon Remake. This class was the closing class for Gemar Balloons in Globo-Con. Lia used many colors, G-Links, modelling balloons, and standard balloons to create a crazy and interactive hot air balloon.

To conclude Globo-Con 2022, Gemar instructors built the entrance and hallway decoration for an elegant gala that had many awards. Gemar Ambassador, Luz Paz was awarded for the lifetime achievement award. Additionally, all Gemar instructors were awarded for their great leadership at Globo-Con 2022.

Here at Gemar we are all super happy and proud to be with our Team at the Globo-Con event 2022 and wishing to Lift more Moments together!