Helping You to Go Green

New Go Green pages

In recent years we have been hearing a lot more about sustainability, and rightly so! Protecting our planet, and caring for the people and animals we share it with, is of vital importance. This is the legacy we will leave for future generations, and every action we take matters.

We know that you have made changes too, perhaps recycling more or aiming to reduce your carbon footprint. When we work together, we can make a big difference! Of course, this means that you have questions. You want to know that any company’s “green credentials” are more than an afterthought. Sustainability should be a core principle, something that influences every decision, not just a slogan for social media.

There is so much that we want to share with you, so we have created a whole new section of our website devoted to our “Go Green” campaign. Here you will find the answers to all your questions, and perhaps a few that you hadn’t thought to ask!

The new section has five pages:


Our Commitments

From using renewable materials to working with local schools, sustainable forest management to fair working conditions. Discover the commitments we have made to you, and to the planet, here.


Policies and Certifications

We are constantly working towards improvement, always striving for the next milestone. Here you can view and download our current certifications, along with our policies and other important documents.



There’s so much we would like to tell you about our products, far more than we can squeeze onto a label. Here you will find everything that didn’t fit, extra information and explanations for all those mystifying symbols.


Don’t Let Go

Here you can find out more about how to use balloons in a safe and responsible way. Lifting the moment and protecting our planet at the same time.


Second Life

The Gemar Masters and Ambassadors are experts at finding new ways to use popped or damaged balloons, getting every bit of use from each one. Here you can see some of their favourite tips and tricks to breathe a second life into your balloons.