Imagine. Gemar Campaign 23

A Gathering of Balloon Art Legends

July 4th saw a very special event for the Gemar team. Traveling to the Gemar HQ in Casalvieri, Italy from all over the globe – this was the first time that all of the Gemar Masters, Ambassadors and Talents had come together. Bubbling with excitement, language barriers were swept aside as everyone greeted each other as friends. The USA team joined the fun as well, and of course the Rocca family welcome everyone in style.

We visited factory, worked together on the Gemar Campaign 2023 Imagine, had fun and made friends. It were unforgettable 7 days!

Genesio and Gloria led a VIP tour of the factory, where the group saw every stage of balloon manufacture. The magic transformation from milky latex to finished balloon never fails to capture the imagination. Everyone got involved, from dipping a finger into the latex to capturing armfulls of finished balloons.

With so many amazingly talented artists surrounded by top quality balloons, inspiration was certain to strike. Keep an eye out for something truly spectacular, coming soon from the whole Gemar balloon art team!