International Women’s Day (IWD)

Happy and beautiful day to all of us amazing women!

Here at Gemar®, we are a team of men and women where everyone makes their voices heard. Equality is something essential – each of us expresses himself through their work, our collections but also through the balloon art.

As the creator @heimstone says: “For me, gender equality lies in what we each have to contribute, but also in what makes us different, what makes us unique and irreplaceable as women or men. That is why I express my views on a neutral ground, creativity, because it calls for our indulgence, our benevolence but above all our determination to be master of our lives and our choices. It somehow makes us responsible. Creativity requires us to be able to change our minds in a world that today, unfortunately, is very fixed by preconceived ideas and barriers that we impose on ourselves most of the time.”