Moscow Balloon Festival 2023

One of the highlights of our year!

The 23rd anniversary of the Moscow Balloon Festival was expertly organised by Europa Uno Trade on September 25-29. It was certainly one of the highlights of our year.

Here’s the schedule of the event:

25th September: Opening Ceremony

26th September: Contests “Small sculptures”, “12 minutes”, “Balloon Fountain”

27th September.: Business Franchisers Program.

28th September: contests “Big Sculpture”, “Balloon garland”, “Black box”, “Balloon dress”. Fashion show. Winners announcement ceremony

29th September: Practical Master classes.

There were 24 teams, of which 23 from Russia and 1 international team “Colour life” with balloonists from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 7 of them, sponsored by Gemar:

#7 – Strange people (led by Irina Gvozdenko)

#8 – Cherchez la Shar

#10 – Pirate Version

#11 – Golden Hands (led by Irina Lobanova)

#17 – Balloon Planet

#21 – Premium Balloon

#23 – Ultra Balloon Academy

Not only that, the festival also had many visitors from Russia, Belorussia, Armenia, Kazakistan, Kyrgyzstan. The Gemar balloons are appreciated by visitors as the absolutely the best in quality, colour and model variations, packaging, availability and reliability.

The atmosphere was wonderful as the air filled with happy voices once again. Participants were able to laugh with each other once again, sharing their joy and passion as well as swapping tips, inspiration and innovative techniques.

In total, the Gemar Teams won: Grand Prix, 4 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals in 7 disciplines.

Big congratulations go to every participant, to all the award winners, to our Ambassadors for their hard work and support, and to Gregory, Olga and the whole team at EUT. You all deserve our thanks for making this a spectacular event that we look forward to each year.

See you in 2024!

Gemar Winners: NOMINATION “BEST BIG SCULPTURE” – Theme: World Legends and Myths

1st place – Sun Ukun – Premium Balloon (Premium Shar)

2nd place – Bob Marley – Pirate Version


2nd place – Bowser – Balloon Planet


1st place – Lady Crane – Premium Balloon (Premium Shar)

3rd place – The Bird – Strange People


3rd place – Golden Hands


1st place – Golden Hands

3rd place – Strange people

GRAND PRIX – Pirate Version

SPECIAL PREMIUM by Gemar – Ultra Balloon Academy won the special Gemar premium: 20 kg of Gemar balloons!

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