Poltova Balloon Jam – December 2019

A Winter’s Tale in Poltova

An amazing transformation took place in Poltova at the start of December, when a huge 550 square meter space at the Kyiv shopping center was turned into a winter wonderland.

Poltova Balloon Jam was an ambitious project organised by Gemar Ambassador Veronika Golubeva and Kuzmichev Oleg and Kuzmichova Nadezhda. It’s not unusual for our Ambassadors to hold workshops, what made this unique was the scale of the balloon art that participants worked on. Everyone who came was part of creating an amazing installation themed around “The Winter’s Tale and The Ice Heart.”

Being part of such an ambitious team project is an amazing feeling and there was certainly a buzz in the air as thousands of balloons were inflated, twisted and fixed. The team gained new knowledge and skills as they worked on such a large scale installation, many of them for the first time, and as they bonded they discovered new friends and even planned future collaborations.

In the end they created a truly spellbinding exhibition, one which plunges the viewer back into the world of childhood and is utterly unforgettable. As the participants left they took with them photographs, friendships and smiles that will keep them floating on air for weeks to come. We hear they may also have enjoyed some of the famous Poltova dumplings!

Gemar were very pleased to sponsor the Balloon Jam, helping so many people access the joy and wonder of balloons on this scale is always a pleasure. We would like to extend our thanks to Veronika and all those involved in the organisation, it’s no easy task to put something like this together and you have done a wonderful job.

Thand you to Perets for the beautiful pictures !
You can find more information regarding the schedule here.