Salon Budapest 2018

A sky of balloons by Konfetti&co

A housing exhibition isn’t the type of event people expect to find us at, but Salon Budapest was no ordinary housing show. On the 21st September 2018, the Budapest Sports arena was transformed into something extraordinary.

Bringing the pages of glossy magazines to life, Salon aimed to show the attendees that beauty, elegance and creativity don’t just have to be a fantasy. We can bring these elements into our homes, it can be accessible, and it can change the way we experience life.

Those that know our message will no doubt have an understanding now as to why Gemar® was invited to the Salon and why we were honoured to be part of it. Our mission is very much aligned with the organisers there, although we work with different materials we have a shared belief that the world can be a truly exceptionable place and we all have a right to experience a little of this, none of us should settle for the mundane.

Our experts set up a balloon installation that was head and shoulders above the average, quite literally. Our white fluffy balloon cloud hung in the air, seemingly unsupported, drawing gasps of amazement from the public.

‘How sweet to be a cloud… ‘ A. A. Milne

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Salon Budapest, it was a pleasure ‘lifting the moment’ with you all.