Save the date Expo 2022

Gemar in Orlando, Florida

On August 27th 2022, Gemar took part in Save The Date Expo in Orlando, Florida, where it sponsored the first Battloon Challenge. At the exhibition, major balloon artists and local sellers met, and Gemar USA attended the event at the side of Glimaris Balloons Store and My Balloons Decor.

The Battloon Challenge is a competition between three contenders from the Orlando area, who are given the task of completing the best decoration of balloons. The three competitors used Gemar balloons to create themed sculptures of Mario, Jurassic Park and Mickey Mouse. Our warmest congratulations go to the winner of the competition, balloon artist VM Decorator and also to all participants for making this event a real exciting show for everyone.

Gemar USA has teamed up with Save The Date Expo to also offer the public an exhibition of wedding dresses, decorated with Gemar balloons, with the intention of showing how the world of ceremonies and balloons are not so far away from each other.

The main goal of the event was to celebrate a special moment using balloon art, to elevate the creativity of three artists united by the same passion for decoration. We will keep supporting the vision and creativity of the artists and it would like to thank Gemar USA for the effort put in the organization of this event.