Seminar in Belgorod with Irina Lobanova

Taking Russia by Storm

Micros is a nationwide chain in Russia, selling party goods. Of course these include Gemar balloons!

They are now offering a series of affordable workshops for customers who want to learn more about balloon art. There will be 2 workshops a month, in 6 different cities across Russia.

The first workshop was held in Belgorod and was a huge success. Gemar Ambassador Irina Lobanova was there to share her knowledge in a theory session and then guide the students as they got hands on. Everyone worked together to create a stunning photo backdrop, learning new techniques, exploring balloons with creativity and making friends along the way.

We are so excited to be a part of this. Being able to offer a series of workshops opens up so many possibilities. If students choose to return again and again over the coming weeks and months then they will not only learn a great deal, they will also form a close community.

Lifting the moment together, on a whole new level.