Shiny range GC19

A shining reflection

It’s Time to Shine

The sun rises every morning and illuminates the world. In 2019, as Gemar® lifts each moment we intend to do the same. We work hard every day to find new ways that will help our customers and partners shine brightly and bring a sense of shimmer and sparkle to every occasion.

Our new Shine range is the next step in this evolution.

It has 6 new beaming colours that will catch the light and reflect the joy of every event Gemar® balloons are part of.

  • Gold – this precious colour is a statement. It’s the perfect addition to a decor theme that communicate abundance and luxury, our high quality shiny gold range is rich.
  • Silver – classy and bold, our silver shiny range is sterling.
  • Space grey – get lost in the universe with our shiny space grey range, a colour as deep as space itself.
  • Pink – this hot pink, vibrant shiny colour will make anyone blush. It’s energetic, vivid and electric and will liven up any event.
  • Blue – brighter than the bluest sky on the sunniest day, this shiny blue colour will lift you up to the clouds and beyond.
  • Green – this fresh, lush shade of shiny green will grow moments.

Make an impact and step into the light with Gemar®‘s new shiny range.

Lifting the moment and bringing a little more sunshine to the world each day.

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