Spreading Joy Across America


We believe that if you can dream it, you can achieve it, and our Gemar teams have certainly been dreaming big!

Many months ago it was nothing but the spark of an idea, a dream to lift the moment across America and share the Gemar Day experience with more people than ever before – in person. That spark of inspiration grew and soon became the first ever Gemar American Tour.

April 2022 saw our team embark on an epic road trip, covering an amazing 2722 miles. In just nine days the team visited four cities and held four spectacular GemarDays, each with a very different theme. Starting out with sweet dreams in Miami, followed by the call of the wild in San Antonio. Houston was as sweet as it was sour, with a lemon theme to the day. Finally with the last stop in Los Angeles, where the team celebrated Gemar’s roots and all things Italian.

It’s no small task to organise even one GemarDay. There are a multitude of things to consider, from decorating the venue to making sure there are enough balloons on hand. And, of course, planning the workshops themselves. Holding 4 events with barely enough time to travel between them is not for the faint hearted!

The fact that the tour was such a resounding success is a testament to the dedication and passion shown by everyone involved. Our team have achieved something that might have seemed impossible, and shared the joy of balloon art with over 1000 participants.

Four different events in four locations isn’t easy, especially in such a short time frame, but we pulled it off in spectacular style.
We don’t know what will come next, but you can be sure that we are already busy dreaming and planning. Whatever it is, it will be spectacular!