The Elari Effect Comes to Gemar

Aleks and Sahar visited Gemar in April

Earlier this year the Uk’s leading decor stylists, Elari Events, did an amazing job of styling the Gemar stand at Spring Fair in Birmingham. In fact, we were so impressed that we couldn’t resist inviting them to come and visit Gemar HQ in Casalvieri. Aleks and Sahar didn’t have to be asked twice, they soon had their bags packed and were heading to the airport for the “Balloonie” trip of a lifetime and their first ever visit to a balloon factory.

Walking through the gates at Gemar HQ, Sahar and Aleks were greeted by Mara, Gloria and Genesio. The Elari girls loved the beautiful mountain setting. It’s so easy to forget when you spend every day here but we truly are very blessed to have our “balloon palace in the sky”. You can’t fail to be inspired in a setting like this.

The VIP tour took Sahar and Aleks through the whole process of creating a balloon. They donned lab coats to have a go at mixing their own colours and saw everything from moulds being dipped to the finished balloons, packed and ready to go. They even got to dip a finger into liquid latex.

Seeing balloons formed right before their eyes gave Aleks and Sahar a new understanding and appreciation of the not-so-humble balloon. It wasn’t long before they were eying up the racks of beautiful colours and planning two stunning installations of their own, right here in the Italian sunshine.

“Arizona Alfresco” was inspired by the subtle, natural colours of Gloria and Genesio’s garden. Sahar and Aleks used the double stuff technique to create the perfect shades and combined them with gorgeous natural textures to create a stunning entrance. They just had to keep the balloons away from the cacti!

In stark contrast to those natural shades, “Pool Party” was a splash of hot pink set against the brilliant blue water. Aleks and Sahar used various combinations of fushia, red, coral and purple to create a poolside display that could never go unnoticed. The only thing missing was the party guests, who would no doubt have been busy taking selfies under that stunning arch!

Of course all good things must come to an end, and before long we had to wave goodbye to our new friends. We do have plans to get together again in the future though, so keep an eye out for news over the next few months. Whatever the future holds for these two, it’s certain to be full of their unending energy and Balloonie spirit, lifting the moment wherever they go.

>> Pictures of the event <<