Vzakadem – January 2021

Lifting the moment at Vzakadem in Russia

For three years the Vzakadem Academia has been helping to spread the joy of balloon art in Russia, and this year the event was as exciting as ever.

Number of places was restricted to just 40, to allow for social distancing, and there was a lot of competition for these. The lucky participants were in for a real treat. This year saw the “First Great Aerodesigners Training Forum at the Air Academy.”

Vzakadem brought together nine of the top balloon artists to share their ideas, experiences, techniques and their balloon modelling secrets. With so many different people to learn from, this was an amazing opportunity for participants to extend their knowledge and polish their skills, getting new ideas to take back to their own businesses.

Gemar Ambassadors Irina Lobanova and Irina Gvozdenko were excited to be part of the line up for this great event. You can’t have balloons without a party and they kept everyone laughing and having fun with their wonderful sense of humour and positive attitude, always ready to support, help and respond to questions and help participants to build a strong knowledge and understanding to take home. Participants also received special goodie bags, so everyone could take a little Gemar magic back with them.

Irina Gvozdenko said she couldn’t believe it had been a whole year since she last taught a master class in person. It was as if 2020 had never happened!



Thank you to Olga, Vzakadem & Europa Uno Trade for the organization of this event !