Discover what is taking off in the world of Balloonista

Discover what is taking off in the world of Balloonista. We are constantly working on new and innovative ways to teach our community to lift the moment with balloon art and when we find something new, we share it with you. Our step by step video instructions make the process accessible to everyone. Find out here what to expect next from Balloonista, stay current and stay fresh

Christmas baubles #031

Keep an eye out for this tutorial and have fun making something truly special to celebrate Christmas this year. Shimmery foil and delicate snowflakes make these giant baubles perfectly festive, after all what is Christmas if not a chance to go big and extend your balloon art skills?    

Golden Stars #032

Some things never go out of style and this beautiful example of balloon art is one of them. Gold and silver chevrons gleem in this truly stylish swag, with a sprinkling of stars to bring a touch of magic to every occasion. You’ll find all the instructions coming soon to the Balloonista tutorial library.  

Champagne sparkle #033

Black and gold bubbles of sophistication to bring in the new year and make your party go with a bang, this sculpture is not to be missed. It may look complicated but with our step by step video tutorial we’re sure you’ll have the perfect display on the night.    

Float into the new year #034

Elegant silver with a pop of colour and a sprinkle of confetti make this the perfect way to welcome in the new year. You can be sure you'll unleash your creativity and get the party started with our easy to follow instructions, set to hit the Balloonista tutorial library soon.