Discover what is taking off in the world of Balloonista

Discover what is taking off in the world of Balloonista. We are constantly working on new and innovative ways to teach our community to lift the moment with balloon art and when we find something new, we share it with you. Our step by step video instructions make the process accessible to everyone. Find out here what to expect next from Balloonista, stay current and stay fresh

Little Dino #21

It's time to go prehistoric and get ready to roar! Life is constantly evolving but some things never change; children will always love dinosaurs. So, if you are looking for a way to take an old but classic theme and create something new, innovative and exciting then get your teeth stuck into our new Balloonista balloon art sculpture. Unlike the real dinosaurs, this one is coming soon and our Balloonista community will get access to all the resources, step-by-step instructions and a video to follow. It's time to lift the moment and create a stomping good balloon display.

Sooth the baby #022

The arrival of new life is a moment to celebrate. Precious, innocent and full of hope, a new baby represents the future. A new baby presents an amazing opportunity. You have the chance to show your new, developing balloon art skills and present something as unique as every newborn.

Shiny Planet #23

Here at Gemar we are always looking for new ways to lift the moment but coming soon to the Balloonista community, we have a balloon art structure that will lift the moment so high, it's out of this world. Transport little astronauts to the stars with this galactic display that you can safely create. No rocket required. Follow our step-by-step instructions and our video tutorial and demonstrate the power of reaching for the stars.

Wedding Gold #024

Coming soon, our Balloonista community will have access to exclusive step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial to give them the skills and knowledge to create this classic balloon art beauty. Designed specifically to help celebrate a wonderful wedding day, this gold and white structure will make an impression and make the day even more memorable.

Tulled Wedding Balloon #25

Go green and bring the outdoors into your wedding sculpture with this new balloon art tutorial coming soon, exclusive to the Balloonista community. This beautiful, classic design would be a perfect fit for many different wedding themes. The colours are simple, elegant and the effect of the final product is phenomenal. As this balloon appears to defy gravity and seamlessly float above a stem of leaves, the magic of the day can be truly lifted.

Time to Celebrate Birthday #26

There are some moments in life that should not be forgotten. Some milestones that should not pass by unnoticed. Some birthdays that are so significant that the celebration should be big. This is the perfect balloon art structure for these moments. Big, colourful and imposing, a design like this one makes a statement and lifts the moment momentously. Keep an eye out for the instructions to make this, they will be exploding onto the Balloonista tutorial library very soon.

Shiny Time to Celebrate #27

Balloonista is here to help you push your creative boundaries, to achieve more than you thought possible, to make an impact and evolve. Our new Time to Celebrate tutorial will be coming out soon with step-by-step instructions alongside an easy to follow video. Don't hang around, as part of the Balloonista community, you get to lift the moment and fly higher than ever before. This really is gold.