Discover what is taking off in the world of Balloonista

Discover what is taking off in the world of Balloonista. We are constantly working on new and innovative ways to teach our community to lift the moment with balloon art and when we find something new, we share it with you. Our step by step video instructions make the process accessible to everyone. Find out here what to expect next from Balloonista, stay current and stay fresh

Unicorn Glow #043

Light up the room with this truly special sculpture, complete with glowing unicorn. Discover the secrets behind the magic in our step-by-step video, soon to be added to the Balloonista library.

Rattle and Roll #044

They may look complicated but these fun rattles and clever spirals are easier to create than you might think. All you need is our Balloonista tutorial, with easy step-by-step video instructions.

Adventures under the sea – Starfish #045

Continue the series with a crazy starfish . He’s easier to make than you might think, just follow the step by step instructions in the Balloonista tutorial library.

Green Dream #046

What could be sweeter than this cute avocado, with an important message to share. Find out how to create one of your own with our easy to follow video tutorial coming to the Balloonista library soon.

Adventures under the sea – Octopus #047

The third part in our underwater adventure finds us meeting this cute little octopus. With legs curled under her, she looks ready to shoot off across the ocean. Find the full tutorial in the Balloonista library soon.

 Coconut Palm #048

Do you dream of summer sun beneath the palms? Make it a reality with this clever little tree, complete with ripe coconuts. All the instructions will be found in the Balloonista library soon.

Lovely Cloud #049

Adventures under the sea – Little Fish #050

The final element for your undersea sculpture is this cute little fish to add to your watery display, she’ll be happy playing in the bubbles at any beach lover’s party. Full instructions will be available in the Balloonista library soon.

Kuddly Koala #051

This intricate little fellow is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Budding Balloonistas will find everything they need to get twisting in our step-by-step tutorial, coming soon to the Balloonista library.

Little Ghosts #052

Nothing sends a shiver down your spine quite like the sight of ghosts hovering over a graveyard. This halloween our Little Ghosts will be the perfect addition to any party. Coming soon to the balloonista tutorial library.