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Casalvieri – On Friday, February 16, Dr. Domenico Condello, Chief of Police of Frosinone, continuing his visits to discover local businesses, visited the Gemar Srl facility.

The Chief of Police was welcomed by Genesio Rocca, owner of Gemar Srl, who accompanied him on a tour of the various departments of the facility, from production to packaging, discovering a company that is a world leader in the production of latex balloons.

Gemar Srl, a true point of reference in the industry, produces excellent products distributed worldwide. It was established in 1990 but has a history dating back to 1902, with the entire Rocca family still at the forefront. Gemar Srl has deep roots in the territory and has managed to grow and evolve over the years, always maintaining the values that have contributed to its success.

The company produces over 6 million latex balloons every day, distributed worldwide, with research and innovation as its flagship. Gemar Srl is among the main players in the balloon and party industry at both the national and international levels.

There is a continuous commitment to customers, but above all, to sustainability. Gemar Srl is the first company in the balloon and party sector to adopt certified sustainability reporting according to the GRI guidelines since 2018. Additionally, Gemar participates in the United Nations Global Compact corporate sustainability initiative, sharing its principles on human rights, labor, environment, anti-corruption, and support for Sustainable Development Goals.

The meeting was an opportunity for the Chief of Police to learn about the activities and initiatives of the company, representing a unique entity in the region for its history, orientation towards technology, innovation, internationality, and sustainability.

“An excellence with solid roots in our territory but with an eye towards the rest of the world” says the owner, Genesio Rocca. Modern and efficient in production and adopted systems, Gemar Srl finds its compelling strength in the market thanks to the commitment of its employees, more than 150, and the family, always at the forefront of showcasing the quality of Gemar Srl balloons.

When two soul-mates connect, it’s a match made in heaven… and here you can celebrate that relationship with two more things which go perfectly together: white and prosecco coloured balloon clouds and hearts. The perfect symbol of love for weddings, Valentines and romantics everywhere.

A new range of colours, a lush palette of beguiling colours to add depth and emotion to designs and decorations.

Individually, these can enhance any creation, adding new depth. Together, they complement each other to create a vision of timeless elegance.

  • Shell #100: slight echoes of the sea and a hint of blush, for a gently luminescent sense of serenity.
  • Vino #101: plush velvet tones, a refined, sumptuous elegance for a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Navy #102: a deep and mysterious allure like a rolling ocean at midnight inviting to contemplation.
Available in 4 sizes:
  • A50 13CM-5”
  • G110 30CM-12”
  • G120 33CM-13”
  • NEW G19 48CM-19”

Be one of the first who will see our new colours for 2024 live.
Save dates and come to visit us in person!

  • Spielwarenmesse International Toy Fair Nuremberg from January 30th – February 3rd  2024 booth D94 Hall 9
  • Spring Fair NEC Birmingham from February 4th – 7th 2024 booth 3G10-H11

We will be kicking off the new year not with one, but with two big expos.

Gemar is exhibiting at Spielwarenmesse in Nuremberg from January 30th.  and at Spring Fair at NEC in Birmingham from February 4th.




We’re pleased to invite you to visit us at:


Nuremberg, Germany
January 30 – February 3, 2024
Hall 9, stand D-94


Birmingham, UK
February 4-7, 2024
Hall 2,3+3A, stand 3G10-H11


Gloria Veta Global Brand Director at Gemar says:

We look forward to creating new relationships within the party industry and to present our latest cutting-edge digital resource Gemar Creator as well as our newest products and trends for the year. Each expo is unique and worthwhile, it’s the place where new ideas are waiting to be discovered and where relationships are forged


Be one of the first who will see our new products for 2024 live. Save dates and come to visit us in person!

For booking an appointment write to

See you soon!

Gloria Veta, Chief Brand and Sales Officer said:

“Art is the interpretation of what we live and what surrounds us, it is the ultimate expression of our imagination and at Gemar we try to do this through balloons. Imagining something capable of stimulating emotions through light and colour, a concept in which balloons become the work of art led us to discover the world of Lodola.

Meeting Marco was exciting, we share a vision of an illuminated world full of joy and colour. Defined as a neo-futurist artist, his colours, style, and positive energy led us to create a collaboration in which Gemar balloons shine with a new light, that of master Lodola.

Thanks to our team of talented individuals once again we turned imagination into reality.

Lodola’s works and Gemar balloons bring to life a new concept of art where the whole is greater than its parts, illuminating the moment – lighting the moment!Read More

Exciting news on the color front! Pantone, the global color authority, has crowned Peach Fuzz (PANTONE 13-1023) as the Color of the Year for 2024.  This subtle, orangey hue, softly nestled between pink and orange, was handpicked to echo a collective yearning for community and cosiness during these uncertain times.

Why Peach Fuzz?

Described by the Pantone Colour Institute as a comforting hue that bridges the warmth of pink with the vibrancy of orange, Peach Fuzz symbolizes unity and a desire for togetherness. In a world seeking connection, this color invites us to find solace in shared moments and the embrace of community.

Double-Stuffed Delight

To celebrate the essence of Peach Fuzz, we’ve crafted a visual masterpiece – introducing Double-Stuffed balloons inspired by this captivating color! Picture the gentle warmth of Peach #061 nestled within the lustrous Pearl #028, creating a stunning representation of Pantone’s choice for 2024.

Embrace the warmth, surround yourself with community, and let Peach Fuzz guide you through the colorful journey of 2024!

We’ve gone international with Gemar Class! A super sized Gemar Class was held last week in Panama with Gemar associate Balloons By Lia Leottau. The Gemar class was colorful, full of techniques, and full of celebration!

Gemar recently made its first venture into Panama, hosting an extraordinary Gemar Class led by our esteemed Gemar Associate and Ambassador, Balloons by Lia Leottau. This event was not just a class; it was a celebration of creativity and skill in the art of balloon decoration. For this special occasion, we went above and beyond, bringing together two Gemar Ambassadors and two Gemar Talents for a multi-themed Gemar Class. Each session was a unique journey through different themes and ideas, designed to inspire delegates for every season and occasion. The Gemar Class reached its maximum capacity with 140 enthusiastic delegates. Gemar Talent, Walter Elel captivated the delegates with a Grinch-themed Christmas setup, complete with a Who-ville house and themed trees. Meanwhile, Gemar Ambassador, Luz Paz showcased her unique balloon column design, brimming with volume and versatile for events like baby showers and graduations. Delegates then had the chance to create their own themed columns. Gemar Talent, Javier Gallaga led a session creating a stunning ‘Tree of Love’ balloon arch for Valentine’s Day, while Gemar Ambassador, Lia Leottau introduced the art of crafting Maxi balloon bouquets, adding a special touch to any gift.

More Than a Class

Gemar Class in Panama was beyond being just a workshop – it became a cultural phenomenon. In an exciting turn of events, all our Gemar instructors were invited to a national TV channel, showcasing the magical world of balloon art. This exposure was unprecedented for Gemar Class, marking a significant milestone in our journey. The feature on national television not only captivated a wide audience but also highlighted the growing fascination and respect for balloon artistry globally. This event was more than just a class; it was a community experience. The success of the Gemar Class in Panama is a testament to the expanding horizon of balloon art and its ability to enchant and inspire. It’s a clear indication that the art of balloon decorating is on a steady rise, capturing imaginations and bringing communities together in celebration of this unique industry.