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We’ve gone international with Gemar Class! A super sized Gemar Class was held last week in Panama with Gemar associate Balloons By Lia Leottau. The Gemar class was colorful, full of techniques, and full of celebration!

Gemar recently made its first venture into Panama, hosting an extraordinary Gemar Class led by our esteemed Gemar Associate and Ambassador, Balloons by Lia Leottau. This event was not just a class; it was a celebration of creativity and skill in the art of balloon decoration. For this special occasion, we went above and beyond, bringing together two Gemar Ambassadors and two Gemar Talents for a multi-themed Gemar Class. Each session was a unique journey through different themes and ideas, designed to inspire delegates for every season and occasion. The Gemar Class reached its maximum capacity with 140 enthusiastic delegates. Gemar Talent, Walter Elel captivated the delegates with a Grinch-themed Christmas setup, complete with a Who-ville house and themed trees. Meanwhile, Gemar Ambassador, Luz Paz showcased her unique balloon column design, brimming with volume and versatile for events like baby showers and graduations. Delegates then had the chance to create their own themed columns. Gemar Talent, Javier Gallaga led a session creating a stunning ‘Tree of Love’ balloon arch for Valentine’s Day, while Gemar Ambassador, Lia Leottau introduced the art of crafting Maxi balloon bouquets, adding a special touch to any gift.

More Than a Class

Gemar Class in Panama was beyond being just a workshop – it became a cultural phenomenon. In an exciting turn of events, all our Gemar instructors were invited to a national TV channel, showcasing the magical world of balloon art. This exposure was unprecedented for Gemar Class, marking a significant milestone in our journey. The feature on national television not only captivated a wide audience but also highlighted the growing fascination and respect for balloon artistry globally. This event was more than just a class; it was a community experience. The success of the Gemar Class in Panama is a testament to the expanding horizon of balloon art and its ability to enchant and inspire. It’s a clear indication that the art of balloon decorating is on a steady rise, capturing imaginations and bringing communities together in celebration of this unique industry.

“EntrainGioco” the first event in Milan dedicated to board games organized by the International Toy Fair in collaboration with Assogiocattoli. The event took place on November 18-19 at SuperstudioMaxi in Via Moncucco 35, Milan.

ENTRAinGIOCO is a celebration of boxed games in all possible and imaginable forms, featuring as many as 30 Italian and international publishers, and in the company of the true protagonists of the board game.

As usually, the Gemar masters used their expertise to create eye-catching decorations using a variety of techniques. They created the simbols for “Gioco per sempre” that were made using foam board and the decoration for the stand with the themed colours.

One of the highlights of the display was the huge dice which is the symbol of the logo “EntrainGioco”. The event was a showcase for the latest and greatest in board games, lots of boxed, card and role-playing games, including puzzles and brain teasers and family and children’s entertainment, and Gemar was proud to be a part of it.

We were elated to be the proud sponsors of the prestigious UK Balloon Artist Awards 2023, which took place on November 7th in the vibrant city of Birmingham. The day was nothing short of magical, and we were eager to share the behind-the-scenes glimpse of this special event.

Our dynamic duo, Katie and Kimberley, had the privilege of being invited to experience the entire day of construction and unravel the secrets behind the scenes. Their enthusiasm and dedication were truly commendable, and we couldn’t be prouder of them. A heartfelt thank you to these incredible ladies – it was an absolute pleasure!

The creative genius of Team, embodied by Amy and Carly, left us in awe. Their masterpiece, featuring epic Angel wings and a harmonious blend of classic and organic decor, rightfully claimed its place on the stage. Ladies, your work was absolutely stunning, and we applaud your outstanding efforts.

The luxurious and intricately detailed pieces that adorned the hotel were the brainchild of our talented Gemar UK team, Helen & Kez. Once again, these ladies showcased their brilliance, leaving us blown away by their creativity.

And the biggest shout out goes to Amelia (@proballoonshop), the mastermind behind this wonderful event. Amelia, you have orchestrated a truly remarkable gathering, and we are honored to have played a significant role. If anyone deserves an award, it is undoubtedly you. Thank you for allowing Gemar Balloons to be a significant part of your day.

Heartfelt congratulations to every individual who was nominated, shortlisted, and emerged victorious. Each one of you is a winner, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing your continued success and growth in your respective businesses.

As we bid adieu until the next celebration, take care and here’s to more joyous moments ahead!

Villa Borghese in Rome recently played host to an extraordinary even Rom-E, dedicated to environmental awareness and the pursuit of a green future, was embellished by the presence of Gemar balloons. The eco-friendly balloon decoration with green and blue shades added an extra layer of vibrancy to the festivities while echoing the event’s mission of sustainability.

Rom-E, now in its third edition, has evolved into a grand celebration of sustainability right in the heart of Rome. With over 300,000 visitors exploring the charming streets of the city center, this event offered an opportunity for people to embrace a more eco-conscious and green tomorrow. The event was under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of the Environment and Energy Security and the City of Rome, further emphasizing the significance of sustainability in today’s world. At Rom-E, our colorful balloons added a cheerful touch to the event, capturing the essence of sustainable celebrations.

Connecting People to Sustainability

Rom-E’s significance extended beyond a typical festival; it was an opportunity for politicians, cities, businesses, and citizens to take tangible steps towards sustainability. It was a space where the demand for sustainable products and initiatives met their supply, all explained in simple terms. Visitors could learn, experience, and make a difference just by walking, smiling, playing, and building together.

A Journey into Sustainability

Rom-E was not just about the visuals; it was a three-day immersion into the principles guiding the future of eco-sustainability. It was a forum where words, debates, and, most importantly, concrete actions spoke volumes about the importance of sustainable practices.

Rom-E attracted a diverse audience, including ministers, undersecretaries, city officials, journalists, CEOs, and directors from the energy, automotive, and nautical sectors. These influential figures gathered to celebrate sustainability, emphasizing its significance in our ever-changing world.

The Impact on the Younger Generation

Just as Rom-E saw an overwhelming response from the younger generation, Gemar Balloons, with its vibrant and eco-friendly designs, managed to captivate the hearts of children and adults alike. The allure of Gemar’s balloons demonstrated that sustainability could be both exciting and essential, even in the world of celebrations.

A Sustainable Future for Celebrations

Both Rom-E and Gemar Balloons represent a vision for a sustainable future. Rom-E showcased a transformation that depends on collaborative efforts and innovative events. Gemar Balloons has embraced this challenge, making strides to reduce its environmental impact while delivering the joy and delight associated with balloons.

With Gemar Balloons and Rom-E, balloons are no longer just objects of celebration; they are symbols of sustainability and a brighter, greener future. The event has shown that even in a historic city like Rome, sustainable practices can shape a beautiful and vibrant celebration. As Rom-E promised, it’s a journey that won’t stop here, and Gemar Balloons is playing its part in this sustainable and joyful journey.

The 23rd anniversary of the Moscow Balloon Festival was expertly organised by Europa Uno Trade on September 25-29. It was certainly one of the highlights of our year.

Here’s the schedule of the event:

25th September: Opening Ceremony

26th September: Contests “Small sculptures”, “12 minutes”, “Balloon Fountain”

27th September.: Business Franchisers Program.

28th September: contests “Big Sculpture”, “Balloon garland”, “Black box”, “Balloon dress”. Fashion show. Winners announcement ceremony

29th September: Practical Master classes.

There were 24 teams, of which 23 from Russia and 1 international team “Colour life” with balloonists from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 7 of them, sponsored by Gemar:

#7 – Strange people (led by Irina Gvozdenko)

#8 – Cherchez la Shar

#10 – Pirate Version

#11 – Golden Hands (led by Irina Lobanova)

#17 – Balloon Planet

#21 – Premium Balloon

#23 – Ultra Balloon Academy

Not only that, the festival also had many visitors from Russia, Belorussia, Armenia, Kazakistan, Kyrgyzstan. The Gemar balloons are appreciated by visitors as the absolutely the best in quality, colour and model variations, packaging, availability and reliability.

The atmosphere was wonderful as the air filled with happy voices once again. Participants were able to laugh with each other once again, sharing their joy and passion as well as swapping tips, inspiration and innovative techniques.

In total, the Gemar Teams won: Grand Prix, 4 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals in 7 disciplines.

Big congratulations go to every participant, to all the award winners, to our Ambassadors for their hard work and support, and to Gregory, Olga and the whole team at EUT. You all deserve our thanks for making this a spectacular event that we look forward to each year.

See you in 2024!

Gemar Winners: NOMINATION “BEST BIG SCULPTURE” – Theme: World Legends and Myths

1st place – Sun Ukun – Premium Balloon (Premium Shar)

2nd place – Bob Marley – Pirate Version


2nd place – Bowser – Balloon Planet


1st place – Lady Crane – Premium Balloon (Premium Shar)

3rd place – The Bird – Strange People


3rd place – Golden Hands


1st place – Golden Hands

3rd place – Strange people

GRAND PRIX – Pirate Version

SPECIAL PREMIUM by Gemar – Ultra Balloon Academy won the special Gemar premium: 20 kg of Gemar balloons!

🌐 Europa Uno Trade website

📧 Olga Baldina / Балдина Ольга =

📧 Alexandra Yushkevich / Александра Гусева =

On September 27th we held the Gemar Day with our partner GoDan Party in the hotel Lamberton, Poland. There was a real party atmosphere at this GemarDay with so many new people to meet and a lot of fun to be had. 100 participants were full of energy with the desire to learn something new around the balloon’s world.

Gloria Veta, our Global Brand & Sales Director, showed everybody the presentation about Gemar company for the newcomers to the Gemar® family.

The workshop began with “Gemar Creator vs Reality” class and “Flower Power” decoration, where Gemar Master Claudio instructed everyone how to use the Gemar Creator to make a render of a balloon decoration and instructed the attendees how to use G-link balloons. Attendees loved the software and were amazed at its ability to bring every balloon decoration idea to life.

The 2nd decoration was “Rocking under a floral garland”, created by Gemar Master Roberta. This class gave everyone the opportunity to learn and practise distortion techniques with balloon flower decoration. After her instruction, all participants could make their own distorted flower!

The 3rd had a “Better together” theme and it was made by Gemar Master Vincenzo, who gave inspiration for the perfect and elegant decoration for an ethereal wedding celebration with sophisticated style. To make the gorgeous balloon garland, Vincenzo used the double-stuffed balloons with Metallic Pearl and Latte colours, which created a truly popular trend these days for all balloon lovers all over the world.

The last sculpture, “Romantic Arch” of the day, was made by Vincenzo, who went over basic theory and tips for making the round arch with double-stuffed balloons. The result was some colorful arches perfect for a vibrant and elegant party!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank GoDan Party for hosting this amazing event and the people of Poland for making us feel so welcome. We hope to return very soon to lift the moment again!

We had a great time in Poland! Looking forward to the next meeting!
Take a look at the event snapshots!

The Gemar Experience Day created many memorable moments within the beautiful Garden at the Fairlawns Hotel on Thursday 24th August. This event was organized by Gemar UK with over 40 delegates and guests. It’s always great to see people come together to learn and share their passions.

On this occasion, the lovely duo Helen and Kez were presented as new Gemar Talent. They made the Gemar Wall with Gemar Creator software. Welcome to the Gemar family!

The two amazing instructors for the day, Bex and Gergo, demonstrated the incredible organic Safari display! This was created by Bex in Demo mode and was embellished with some beautiful distorted flowers by the genius balloon twister Gergo!

Gloria Veta and Giorgia were able to attend The Gemar Experience Day event and had the opportunity to present the Gemar company. Gloria’s presentation likely provided valuable insights into the company’s history, mission, and values.

Many thanks to everyone who made this day possible !

Immerse yourself in a realm of wonder as you battle fire-breathing dragons, stand face-to-face with towering ogres, dance with ethereal fairies, and mingle with mystical creatures – all brought to life through the artistry of 1/4 million Gemar balloons! Join us at the SUPER Big Balloon Build® in Canton, Ohio in July 2024, and secure your spot in this SUPER Big Balloon Build.


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Balloon Art by Merry Makers was teaming up with Life Stories Child and Family Advocacy to bring a huge event, called the Big Balloon Build, to Greeley this summer!

The Big Balloon Build, which kicked off on July 20 – 23 at Aims Community College’s Welcome Center with a ribbon cutting, brought more than 75 balloon artists from around the world to Greeley to spend more than 3,000 hours turning and twisting 125,000 Gemar balloons of all colors, shapes and sizes into literal works of art.

The combination of the artists’ hard work and talent resulted in an amazing out-of-this-world display of space ships, aliens, dinosaurs and more. Anyone attending the event was an adventurer on a journey through magical strange worlds.

The Big Balloon Build concept was created by Stuart Davies who lives in Wales and travels around the globe helping organizers with their builds.

“This is the best build we’ve ever done; it’s absolutely amazing,” Davies said about the Greeley event. “The theme is so wild and wacky and colorful.”

Congratulations on the outstanding team behind this once-in-a-lifetime immersive Balloon Wonderland all in aid of a local charity Life Stories Child. A big thank you to the Big Balloon Build, Balloon Art by Merry Makers, PremiumConwin, Life Stories Child & Family Advocacy for a hugely successful fundraiser!

We are so thankful to be a part of such an incredible event and to be a partner with the Big Balloon Build to help make a difference to the community.

Backed again this year at the Giffoni Film Festival, Pinocchio and Friends, the television series created by Iginio Straffi and broadcast from 2021 on Rai Yoyo. The all-Italian success conquered children and families, soon reaching the international public as well. The 53rd edition of the review was hosted a special event on Sunday 23 July, with two unmissable appointments dedicated to Giffoners and to all the public of Giffoni Valle Piana, bringing a wave of fun and happiness to the number one children’s film festival in the world.

The first date was dedicated to Giffoners of the category Elements +6, with an exclusive preview of new episodes of the Rainbow-branded series which is preparing to be launched on Rai Yoyo in the autumn with unpublished adventures and characters.

The second appointment was aimed at all families who would have the opportunity to take part in a series of free activities: “Win a tree from the Pinocchio Forest”, “Giocattolo Sospeso”.

The atmosphere of fairy tales was enriched by the majestic balloon installations with which the Gemar® Masters, Claudio, Vincenzo, Roberta, Cristian and Gemar Talent Michele, with the help of our collaborator Ionel, made this at the Giardino degli Aranci even more magical with balloon mosaic, organic compositions and garlands: a dream come true.

We are happy and pleased that Gemar took part in such an amazing event. It was a great time. Looking forward to the next event!