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There’s just one thing that everybody wants to know! With two different variations, and a glorious explosion of corkscrews and confetti, this is the perfect way to find out. Discover the secret to making the perfect centerpiece for any gender reveal in the Balloonista library, our video tutorials are easy to follow and take you through step-by-step.

Balloonista fans will be dreaming of sipping cocktails by the pool, and dancing on the beach, with the latest addition to our tutorial library. Palm leaves combine with hot pink and lush greens to create this perfectly tropical garland.

We have seen a growing trend in recent years. Where people used to be a little wary of trying something new, now they want to have a go.

Perhaps the world has discovered that you can learn many things from online video tutorials, and that it’s fun to slow down, release your creativity and take the time to learn a new skill. Perhaps we value the human connection of a handmade gift more than in times past. Whatever the reason, growing numbers of people want to create beautiful decorations themselves.

At Gemar we love to support balloon artists at every level, and that includes absolute beginners. Which is why we have created a range of DIY kits and tutorials. Even if you have never inflated a balloon before, we have everything you need to create a stunning garland, arch or centrepiece.

The new DIY page has a host of video tutorials, showing you exactly how to make your own displays. In each video Gemar takes you through every step, showing just how easy it really is. Never again will you be faced with a pile of random pieces and an instruction leaflet that makes no sense!

When you have browsed the possibilities and chosen your project you can click the button below the video, which will take you to the exact item you need in our online shop. It couldn’t be simpler.

Many of the kits come complete with balloons, while others leave it to you to choose your favourite colours. No matter what, there is always room for plenty of creativity and those all-important personal touches.

Whether you want to have a go yourself, or have customers who might, Gemar DIY kits are a brilliant way to get started in balloon art.

We all deserve dignity, equality and the freedom to be ourselves. Celebrate Pride Month this June with a beautiful rainbow heart, symbolising that love is love, no matter where we find it. Full video instructions are in the balloonista library.

São Paulo recently saw not one, but two world firsts in Balloon Art, the 1st ever Balloon Art World Cup followed by the world’s largest balloon parade – a truly spectacular event!

Cenário Balões is the biggest balloon decoration company in Brazil, and a well known name worldwide, so when they turned 20 the celebration was never going to be a small one. In fact they held a four day balloon convention, followed by a spectacular free parade for the people of São Paulo. More than that, the whole event was designed to be both environmentally and socially responsible, a cause close to our own hearts here at Gemar.

The event began on June 22nd with the International Balloon Convention, which brought together over 200 artists, professionals and balloon art instructors from all over the world. There were 6 different classes in balloon art, as well as lectures on business management, many small competitions and much more. To be as inclusive as possible, the convention was available both in person and as an online event – nobody had to miss out on the fun.

The 1st Balloon Art World Cup was an important part of the convention. 10 teams, each representing a country and each with a different team captain, worked tirelessly to create parade floats on the theme “Amazônia”. This was a real group effort, with each team creating astonishing artwork. Not only did they decorate their floats with huge 3D sculptures but they also created everything from costumes to props.

Team of Luiz Carlos, owner of Cenário Balões, worked with Gemar balloons.

On June 26th the floats were ready and the teams were joined by hundreds of eager helpers. Each one ready to put on a costume or pick up a prop and make the parade come to life! Eleven beautiful floats, created using 100% biobased latex balloons, paraded through São Paulo with all the energy and spirit of a Brazilian samba school. The public flocked to watch, drawn by the irresistible joy of balloons. In fact the joy lives on. The event was covered by the main Brazilian TV network, Rede Globo de Televisão, and several balloon artists have been featured on other TV shows.

Of course every World Cup must have a winner and the judging panel had an almost impossible task in selecting the winning float. In the end the prize went to Vadim Shushkanov and his team.

The real winners, though, are the people of São Paulo. Not only because they had the opportunity to participate in an event bursting with joyous energy. The convention and parade also contributed to the local community in a very practical way. Each person who attended the convention or watched the parade was encouraged to bring along 1 kg of food to be donated to an organisation that supports the most vulnerable. Cenário Balões also donated a further 5 kg for each participant who registered for the convention and/or parade. The aim was to donate 10 tons of food – making a genuine difference to those most in need.

After such an epic event there really is nothing left for us to say except congratulations, and to raise a glass to another 20 years (at least!) of balloon magic from Cenário Balões.

We are very proud that Gemar balloons took part in this amazing event. And we want to say thank you Megatoon Balões, our official distributor in Brazil, for your help in this lovely project.

Never early to start to work with balloons. Today we want to tell you the story of Javier Gallaga Jr, owner of Jays Party Shop. He has been doing balloons since the age of 16.

Last November, he initiated a balloon academy called Jay’s Balloon Academy (JBA). He wants to encourage students into partaking in a career in the balloon industry.

On June 15th Jay’s party shop was invited to visit San Luis Middle School. The school asked Jay to be a guest speaker for 7th and 8th grade students ages 12-14 in their summer camp. The goal was to teach students about business development in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics):

  • In science, the students learned about the process of extracting latex from a tree, the different solutions used to extend the life of the balloons and the shine.
  • In terms of technology, the students were able to see the machines and the process of making balloons in Italy.
  • For engineering, the students saw different structures that could be built from balloons.
  • During the artistic part, the students were excited when they learned and saw a picture of the piece they were going to create.
  • For the maths, Jay and his team explained the importance of calculating the amount of balloons used, the cost, etc. to have a successful business.

Then it was the students’ turn to try their hand at being balloon artists. They worked in groups and took turns regularly. The overall result was amazing! The students had a lot of fun with this activity, especially when they could admire their final work at the end of the workshop.

It was a remarkable, unforgettable moment for the students and teachers together. They lifted the moment with Gemar Balloons !

Who knows, maybe a new star in the balloon market will be born soon after this course.

You are invited to make history and fly with us at the Balloon Museum.

At Gemar we love to champion balloon art and artists, we are passionate about the power balloons have to spread joy and lift the moment. From beautiful decor for special events to stunning sculptures that stop shoppers in their tracks, we are delighted to be a part of it all. Which is why we simply couldn’t resist sponsoring the Balloon Museum in the Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris.

Forget images of dusty exhibits, this is a museum like no other. An immersive experience where visitors become part of modern art as they wade through a sea of balloons or explore towering inflatables. How could it possibly fail to lift the moment? The museum’s success in Rome certainly shows that every exhibit raised a smile and filled those who experienced it with joy and wonder.

As the only balloon manufacturer sponsoring the museum, we have provided over 700,000 balloons, each one 100% natural and bio-based. That means visitors will find rooms filled with our glorious colours, as well as sculptures, a flower bar and many other exhibits. Each area has something new, from the quirky to the awe inspiring, so you never know what you’ll find around the next corner.

More than 15 international artists have brought their talents together to create this astounding event, which runs until August 21st, 2022. If you would like to be a part of it you can find out more and book your tickets at balloonmuseum.fr or here.

Forget everything you’ve ever known about balloon shops because we invite you to a unique shop in Israel: Happiness Is Us Professionals. It’s a magical place where happiness & fun are born.

The shop is located in the north of Israel, in the Hutzot Hamifratz shopping centre in the city of Haifa.

It covers approximately 670 square meters.

Happiness Professionals is a new shop concept for balloon professionals and party planners. The shop offers a huge range of carefully selected balloons and accessories of the highest quality. The shop also offers a wide selection of party products. It has never been easier to organise an extraordinary event, because in this shop you can buy everything you need. Of course, you will find Gemar balloons there.

In addition to being located in a beautiful space, the shop also has an open workspace. This means that balloon workshops will be held here regularly. Here you can meet our dear Gemar Ambassadors Ran & Denis.

The Happiness Is Us team looks forward to seeing you there to spread our love & knowledge of balloons.

>> Pictures of the event <<